Moms make us feel special. But warm fuzzies do squat for careers. That’s where we come in – brutal honesty coupled with personalized one-on-one training. If you’re in a creative industry and you want the career you were meant to have, the truth is below.

How Is JPL Different?

It isn’t a school.

No academic theory here. Just learning built on facts. The kind of learning that builds a killer portfolio and a personal brand to help you have the creative career you deserve.

It’s taught by the pros.

Like we said, we’re no academics. We’re professionals that work at a high level of craft. Meaning, your training comes from people creating what you dream of doing.

It’s built around your life.

You don’t have to quit your job or move. Your program is custom fit to your schedule. The day you sign is the day you start. And training is customized to your specific needs.

It can work for anyone.

If you’re tired of your career going nowhere, take control. We’ll be with you every step of the way, whether you’re starting your career or trying to get one back on track.

What’s New?

I doubted whether my goals were achievable, but Bart turned that doubt into belief.

Michelle Humphrey, Brand Strategist, kbs+


Some careers need a bit of polishing. Some need a full overhaul. JPL offers three programs to get you where you need to go.


Great advertising campaigns start with a solid strategy. The same goes for great careers. Our basic 2-3 week program is about getting to know you. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We’ll find out. Then we’ll devise a strategic plan to help you get there.


Maybe your portfolio is a project or two short of great. Maybe you have work that needs tweaking but you’re not sure how. Remodel is 13 weeks of one-on-one training to overhaul your portfolio and take your career up a level.


This is six months of accelerated instruction and mentoring from pros whose work is where you dream yours to be. We finish up Rebuild teaching you to set up your new portfolio on a website and then learn job hunting skills that get your career started on the right path.

If it wasn’t for Bart, I’d probably be a real estate agent or something.

Christopher Gyorgy, Art Director, 180LA, Goodby Silverstein, The Martin Agency


Bart Cleveland
Founder, Job Propulsion Lab

Bart Cleveland heads the Job Propulsion Lab team. He works one-on-one with everyone in every program. Bart brings over 30 years of experience to the table, leading agencies to national prominence and developing brands like Coca-Cola, CNN, DuPont, International Paper and Applegate Organic Meats. His work is frequently recognized in award shows such as The One Show, D&AD, Communication Arts and OBIEs. He is a contributing author for the book The Get a Job Workshop: How to Find Your Way to a Creative Career in Advertising.

Mark McGarrah
Founder, McGarrah Jessee

If only all account guys could be like Mark. His rare combination of analytic and artistic skills has allowed him to succeed at advertising’s most famed agencies. And, even better, put his name on the door of his own.

Bryan Jessee
Founder, McGarrah Jessee

Bryan has built a career on craftsmanship. First, when creating campaigns himself. Then when mentoring those creating under him. And although he’s won a number of awards, his agency, McGarrah Jessee, is the finest example of this commitment to craft.

Clay Langdon

Look at Clay’s CV and you’ll see some of America’s finest agencies. Pick his brain and you’ll have a chance to learn from one of the sharpest, most intuitive strategists our business has to offer.

James Mikus
Art Direction

James built his award-winning career under the watchful eye of great mentors. And today he’s dedicated to paying it forward. Learn his secret to award-winning work. Here’s a hint: it involves sweat, tears and a whole lot of coffee.

David Kampa

The great designers learn from the greats. And few have won more of the top graphic and typography design awards than David. So if greatness is your goal, you’ll be learning from the right guy.

Jeremy Cox

Jeremy is absolute in his belief that great work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. He holds the same belief about careers. Which is why along with creating award-winning digital work, he’s also helped ensure that those who enter the industry do so well-equipped.

Jennifer Blank
Career Development

Jennifer knows what it takes to break into an agency with a national reputation for great work. She is an HR director at one of them. She’ll help you hone your interview skills to the same high standard as your portfolio.

All I had was a dream, a god-awful book and an unfortunate haircut. Bart looked past all that and got me started on the right path.

Bob Cianfrone, Founder, Goodness Manufacturing

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